Thank you for your interest in youth soccer. Newton Area Soccer Association is a youth soccer association for 4 to 18 year old persons. Information about soccer registration is listed here on this page including registration forms and details on our registration policies.

Starting with the Fall 2020 season, the online registration system will be through Demosphere.  To start the process for online registration click on the “ONLINE REGISTRATION” button.

Spring 2023 Registration is now open from November 13, 2022  thru  January 15, 2023.

Starting with the Fall 2020 season, the registration form below that can be downloaded and printed is 2 pages long.  The first page is the normal NASA registration form.  The second page is a special waiver that includes language for communicable diseases including Covid-19.  The waiver MUST be completed or the athlete will NOT be allowed to participate.

Spring 2023 Registration Fees

U6 (ages 4-5)

$35 /player
Born in year 2017-2018

U7 - U10 (ages 6-9)

$50 /player
Born in year 2013-2016

U11 - U14 (ages 10-13)

$60 /player
Born in year 2009-2012

U15 - U19 (ages 14-18)

$70 /player
Born in year 2004-2008

Spring 2023 Registration is now open from November 13, 2022 thru January 15, 2023.

Please Note: Registration is not considered complete until the registration form, payment and birth certificate have been received. Make checks payable to: Newton Area Soccer Association (fees non-refundable). Fees are applicable to the age group your child is playing. A late fee of $10.00 may apply if registration is submitted after close date. Contact the registrar with questions. If a registrant is unable to be placed on a team due to registration numbers a refund will be issued. For financial assistance, complete this the form.


  1. Team Formation
    1. The team formation process will occur using the following guidelines:
      1. maintaining the same roster from the previous season
      2. gender
      3. age
      4. balancing volunteer coaches
      5. balancing team roster sizes
    2. New players will be placed on existing rosters or placed on newly formed teams accordingly. This method will continue through each age level with effort made to keep the core team from the previous season together if possible. Note:  There may be times when a team will need to be split up and the players put on different teams or when a few players may need to be moved from one team to another to ensure adequate and equitable roster size.  This will occur at the discretion of the Board.
    3. A new player is defined as
      1. a player new to NASA or
      2. a player that has sat out one or more seasons (for any reason).
    4. Players registering on or before the registration deadline will be placed on the team they played with the previous season when possible.
    5. Players who register after the registration deadline may not be guaranteed placement on a team, and will not be guaranteed placement on the team they played with the previous season. If a team is to be split or merged with another team, generally the team that returns the fewest team members from the previous season will be the team split up or merged.  In the case of a tie, a team or teams out of the tied group of teams will be chosen at random to be split up in order to field teams of adequate roster size. If a player is not placed then a refund will be made.  If a player is already placed on a team a refund will only be made upon board approval.
    6. If the head coach of a team has decided not to continue to coach, and another head coach has not been identified to fill the vacancy, then the team will be split up and the players will be distributed over the remaining teams as groups of players, whenever possible.
    7. U8 teams will consist of a maximum one head coach and one assistant coach unless approved by the Governing Board. U9 and above teams will consist of a maximum one head coach and up to two assistant coaches unless approved by the Governing Board.  Coaches must be age 21 or over.
  2. Playing Up
    1. Any player wishing to play up must make a formal request to the NASA Governing Board.  The Board will contact coaches familiar with the player who are able to evaluate the player to determine the viability of such a request.  The Board’s decision will be final.
  3.  Team Placement Request
    1.  If parents are dissatisfied with their current team they may petition the Board to be moved from that team.  The player will be placed on another team at the discretion of the Board